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Since 1986, Mercer Company has been a leader in servicing fabricators and industrial plants in the area.


Many options for scrap removal are available for our customers, which include rolloffs, luggers, flatbeds, dropdecks, open top trailers, van trailers, car haulers, and rail cars.  Pickups are made on an on-call basis, usually within 24 hours.


Once the material is in the yard, Mercer Company has three scrap hydraulic balers, two of which are among the largest in the industry.  These balers have the capability to process oversize pieces and reducing them to attractive melt size units.


Mercer Company also has the largest scrap shear in the industry (2200 tons) and produces consistent sized feed scrap for both steel mills and foundries throughout the country.


If you need pricing for your company’s scrap needs, demo job, or cleanup, feel free to call us at (724) 347-4534.